1. This is my first piano album, composed during the latter half of 2011.

  2. Now that Skyrim has been out for a notch or two, I figured it was time I tried my hand at it. Here follows a product of my insanity when coupled with a few hours killing dragons in Skyrim.

  3. This is my piano arrangement of Time from Inception, by Hans Zimmer.

  4. Being a big fan of the title theme of Mass Effect 2, Suicide Mission, I just had to transcribe it and make a video of the sheet music. Given the steady pace and synthesised nature, it went better than I expected. Yeah, this is the track that started it all.

  5. This is a long look at the soundtracks of all Elder Scrolls titles up to and including the fourth, Oblivion. I’ve transcribed some sheet music and had a closer look at what I consider to be the most interesting compositions.

  6. This is the release of the Black Marsh OST, composed by myself.

My music, elsewhere:

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