1. It’s been three months since last so I figured it’s time to make another crossfade of music as streams of consciousness. Mostly films this time, as I haven’t quite found the time to play as many video games. There’s also been a relative lack of games which have interested me.

  2. My piano arrangement of ‘An End Once and for All’ from Mass Effect 3, with sheet music. Made in late 2013.

  3. My piano arrangement of the DuClare Chateau music track from the original Deus Ex, with sheet music. (It’s probably not exactly the way I play it in my recording as it rarely is when I’m making an arrangement.)

  4. Having played the piano for most of my life, it’s become an indivisible part of who I am, more than just an activity. It’s been a while now, and the instrument and I are more entwined than ever. Sometimes I rely on it to express feelings for which there are no words, or those which should not be talked about.

  5. This is my arrangement of the title theme to Metro 2033. It’s more mellow and softer than the original. I’ve included two versions of the tab; either for the arrangement as presented with both the guitar and electric bass or a version for solo guitar.

  6. This article is my examination and explanation on how musical form is utilised in much of modern media music (i.e. in video games and motion pictures). It includes a basic introduction to musical form itself and then follows up with the recommendations I follow myself.

My music, elsewhere:

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