1. This is a big look at the music of Dragon Age, including tracks from both games, as composed by Inon Zur. Among others, I’ve transcribed I Am the One (High Fantasy), Rogue Heart and the Ostagar Battle Theme (missing from the released OST). All the sheet music is available for download.

  2. The soundtrack to BioWare’s space epic Mass Effect 2 seems to be quite popular among aspiring musicians and composers. Apart from its absolutely epic title theme, the second most popular track is the Romance track, called Reflections. This is my arrangement of that.

  3. This is my first piano album, composed during the latter half of 2011.

  4. This is my piano arrangement of Time from Inception, by Hans Zimmer.

  5. Being a big fan of the title theme of Mass Effect 2, Suicide Mission, I just had to transcribe it and make a video of the sheet music. Given the steady pace and synthesised nature, it went better than I expected. Yeah, this is the track that started it all.

  6. This is a long look at the soundtracks of all Elder Scrolls titles up to and including the fourth, Oblivion. I’ve transcribed some sheet music and had a closer look at what I consider to be the most interesting compositions.

My music, elsewhere:

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