The soundtrack to BioWare's space epic Mass Effect 2 seems to be quite popular among aspiring musicians and composers. Apart from its absolutely epic title theme, the second most popular track is the Romance track, called Reflections. This is my arrangement of that.

I must admit, I didn’t pay much attention to it myself but after listening to it a couple of times, I felt like trying my hand at a piano arrangement. The track is harmonically and melodically simple, and as such there’s not much to go on. The primary motif is largely cadential and I ended up adding intermediary notes and more harmonic movement to make it more interesting.

Just like with Time from Inception, it was difficult to keep the ethereal quality of the electronic arrangement so I focused more on the harmony, particularly accentuating the Dorian G Major┬áin the third measure above (measure 9 in the sheet music). For coherence, I repeated the initial downwards fifths in a middle part where the right hand moves below and above the left hand playing both the bass and melody while the left hand plays a downwards ostinato. It’s one of those things you want to avoid but in this case there was no other way to make it playable.


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