1. I’ve never liked the number four. So, it’s fitting that the improvisations this time around are the weakest they’ve been so far. Take that, number four.

  2. Chrono Trigger’s gameplay in a snow-covered world with Final Fantasy X’s story and a solo piano soundtrack strongly reminiscent of classic SNES titles. Sure, why not.

  3. Seems this may be becoming a regular thing for me. I suppose you could make the argument that music kept private is with little purpose, even if we’re only talking about improvisations.

  4. Another Japanese fantasy RPG about eternity and cycles. Except this one is a ton of fun. You look like a potato in cutscenes, though. And Christ knows who your beloved is.

  5. Weird and bombastic, senseless and silly, Fallout 4 is a Michael Bay-style sendoff to the franchise I knew and loved. Despite its flaws, it’s a good game in its own right, but it seems for every piece of it you like, there are two pieces holding it back.

  6. At time of writing, I’m surrounded by boxes and a small pile of my personal belongings. I’ve known that tomorrow was coming for months, and I’m not unhappy that it has, but I have a feeling that its impact won’t fully hit me until it’s over. Tomorrow, I will be leaving London.

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