Daniel Ran
  • Beyond Skyrim: Bruma OST

    —— July 1st, '17

    This is the release of the Beyond Skyrim: Bruma OST, composed by myself and João Guerra. It’s available as a free download (in FLAC or MP3) and a playlist on SoundCloud.

  • Music as streams of consciousness, part 5

    —— April 4th, '17

    I do like the number five, and it’s the only other number for which I have any particular fondness or dislike. Which means now I can carry on with these compilations without worrying about them being crap or too hard to top. Five has to be better than four, you see.

  • Music as streams of consciousness, part 4

    —— November 24th, '16

    I’ve never liked the number four. So, it’s fitting that the improvisations this time around are the weakest they’ve been so far. Take that, number four.

  • On I Am Setsuna

    —— August 22nd, '16

    Chrono Trigger’s gameplay in a snow-covered world with Final Fantasy X’s story and a solo piano soundtrack strongly reminiscent of classic SNES titles. Sure, why not.

  • Music as streams of consciousness, part 3

    —— April 16th, '16

    Seems this may be becoming a regular thing for me. I suppose you could make the argument that music kept private is with little purpose, even if we’re only talking about improvisations.

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